Past, present and future come together in this place, where daily work reveals care and passion for an ancient land. Here , so deeply in love with this land that we try to catch any glimpse that Maremma offers us and let ourselves be carried away by its harmony.

We work every day, trying to keep up the memory of our families,  who came to Maremma at the beginning of the XX Century after the reclamation of these lands. With their knowledge and experience in mind, we always try to remind ourselves how much care and respect Nature needs, as well as the strict bond between agriculture and landscape.  This is why we chose to follow the method of organic agriculture, which helps in protecting and preserving the fertility of the soil and species richness and also excludes the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This choice goes hand in hand with the preference for autochthon plants for hedges along the fields, which aid in creating a suitable habitat for local micro-fauna, the use of solar panels for heating water and photovoltaic system for electricity.

The desire to share with other people these emotions and ideals is the moving cause of our Farm Holiday. Its realization depends on the satisfaction of our guests.

Our Farm Holiday is located near the area of Parco Naturale della Maremma, in the heart of Tuscany and it offers the opportunity to discover the silence, peacefulness and serenity that Nature has to offer. You can in fact, enjoy lonely walks in our surroundings at the sunset in search for wild animals or participate in many available trekking tours in Parco Naturale della Maremma or enjoy your days of rest on the wild, beautiful beach of Marina di Alberese.